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How do you Train New Recruitment Consultants


Hiring new recruitment consultants is a great sign of a growing, confident business. Assuming you can find and hire good candidates, which we’ll save for another post, you need to look carefully at how you onboard new hires. If you get it wrong, both the direct, and opportunity costs, can be huge. Turnover rates for new recruitment consultants are insanely high. How can better on-boarding help?

Set Them Up For Success

You need to start with a plan. Hopefully you’ll be recruiting regularly because you are growing, not because you’re churning staff. Even if you’re a small business, who only recruits a couple of times a year, it makes sense to have a consistent on-boarding experience.

At the very least you want a checklist for managers to follow. It needs to cover at least the first six months of employment. It also needs to be adaptable. Tailor it to meet the needs of the individuals. You’ve invested a lot in them just to get them through the door on day one, so invest a little more and set them up to be successful. You should have a pretty good idea of what you’re getting from the interview process:



Alex is a recruitment trainer that blends over 17 years in specialist recruitment with over 24 years of coaching people in developing their skills in order to improve performance. He stands out amongst the other trainers in his field due to his ability to take difficult ideas or concepts and translate them into easily applicable tools and techniques.

His experience of training thousands of consultants and managers has helped him build the Elevated Sales Process. This is a “principled” approach to growing a sustainable recruitment business. The Elevated Sales Process is built on a belief that in order to succeed in todays market you need to be a specialist in your market, be able to build relationships of influence, deliver high value service & master time management.

He is the founder at Elevated Recruiting, a recruitment training firm that blends the best of on-line learning and face-to-face learning to deliver training programs that work.

Elevated recruiting courses are different because:
– They use a learning approach that is proven to work with adults
– They utilise cutting edge learning technology to produce engaging on-line & virtual learning experiences
– They blend on-line recruitment training with face-to-face or web workshops
– They increase performance by supporting line managers in following up on training more effectively.


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