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Two-thirds of UK Recruiters Have Rejected Candidates After Checking Social Media Profiles, Survey Reveals


Two-thirds of UK recruiters have rejected candidates after checking their profiles on social media, according to a survey.

However, the survey found that 71 per cent of recruiters had successfully hired an employee or contractor through social media, highlighting the importance for prospective job candidates to get not just their CVs, but their profiles right.

The survey of more than 7,000 recruitment companies, HR managers and recruiters in the UK by found that 88 per cent recruited on LinkedIn, 25 per cent on Facebook and eight per cent on Twitter.

A third of recruiters said they found candidates on industry-based job boards, but traditional print ad job advertising had fallen in popularity, with 63 per cent of recruiters saying social media was now considered to be more effective.

Kevin Forbes, CEO of, said: “Social media is now a powerful recruitment tool for getting the right person in position faster and cheaper than traditional forms of advertising.”