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UK Auto Workers At Risk Due To Brexit


A no-deal Brexit could see thousands of UK workers out of a job as car manufacturers leave the country due to higher import and export costs. Amid a sales slump, company heads are looking to cut their losses and move to Europe.

So as manufacturers like Nissan look to move factories, UK workers may soon face a critical employment gap. Nissan alone employ over 7,000 people, and companies that supply Nissan with parts employ a further 30,000.

In all likelihood, they’ll have to either upskill in other areas, retrain, or emigrate to find work in factories. Due to EU immigration and work laws, the UK’s unemployed technical workers will find job hunting more difficult post-Brexit, with many likely to retrain or emigrate out of necessity.

Navigating EU laws varies from country to country, so workers are being advised to seek help and clarification when it comes to looking for work internationally.

James Plant, Principal Account Executive at VHR, says that when it comes to this level of highly specialized technical recruitment, it’s best to have a dedicated team on your side:

‘Both people looking for work and companies that work in the automotive industry need certainty. Brexit has thrown everything into confusion. Having a team that understands your needs, the law, and the best way to get results is vital in this difficult period.’

A recruitment team that understands the market, and understands the skills that market requires, will be best suited to help UK workers either transition into similar adjacent roles or find new roles further afield.