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UK Cities are Finding it Difficult to Fill Advertised Job Vacancies


Nearly three quarters of UK cities are finding it difficult to fill advertised job vacancies, as the number of overall job vacancies increases while the number of job seekers decreases, according to a Training Journal report. Forty-one out of 56 UK cities do not have enough applicants to fill advertised roles in September, the jobs board Adzuna revealed. With more than 1.1 million vacancies in September (up 30 per cent from September 2014), the number of job seekers has fallen to 685,456 – resulting in positions becoming increasingly harder to fill.

More workers are entering part-time and temporary jobs, while some job seekers are turning to self-employment for a regular income – further depleting the number of job hunters looking for permanent positions. The South of England leads the country with the best job seeker prospects; Cambridge having 0.09 applicants per vacancy. Other places in the South including Exeter, Oxford and Reading also perform well. However job seekers in Wolverhampton face a battle for a new position as the city has 2.25 job seeking applicants per vacancy. The job hunters in the North East similarly face tough competition for each role, with Sunderland the worst place to find a job, with 4.01 applicants per vacancy.