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UK – Construction boom splits North-South job market wide open


The North-South divide in the job market has widened dramatically as a construction boom in the South boosts jobs vacancy numbers, according to the latest UK Job Market Report from

In October, based on the number of jobseekers per vacancy, nine of the best 10 cities to find a job were in the South of England, while nine of the worst 10 cities were in the North. In October, it was 100 times more difficult to get a job in Salford, where there were 28 jobseekers per vacancy, than in Cambridge, where there were just 0.3 jobseekers per vacancy.

Overall, the UK jobs market improved during October, with a marked increase in the number of advertised vacancies. There were 748,923 vacancies in total, a +9.2% increase from the previous year, and a +5.3% increase compared to September – the biggest month-on-month increase in over a year.