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Are these the UK’s Worst Office Views?


Most of us are guilty of gazing out of the workplace window from time to time and now a new competition is celebrating Britain’s worst office views.

From barred glass to brick walls and dreary car parks, some workers aren’t greeted with much inspiration when they turn away from their computers.

Experts, are highlighting just how awful some office views are with a new fun contest to find the worst in the whole of the UK.

The winner will receive a £50 Amazon voucher – perhaps to spend on a poster of a tropical scene to hang on the office wall and give them something more exciting to look at.

Entrants were asked to send in a photo of the view from their nearest office window that conjured up a truly dull feeling every time they stared out through it.

Early entries include a car park in Nottingham, a barred window in Glasgow and a gloomy brick wall in London.

But the competition has just opened and office workers have another month to enter (closing date 15 September).

Chris Meredith, of, said:

“Every office worker wants a room with a view, but sadly that view isn’t always a spectacular skyline or leafy green space, in fact it’s often a dilapidated industrial estate or a sorry looking brick wall.

“We wanted to celebrate the workers who turn up to their offices five days a week and get on with their jobs despite being confronted with a view from the window that would dampen the highest of spirits.

“Anyone can sit at a desk and gleefully get on with their job when you have a view of the London skyline facing you, but to crack on with day’s work with only a brick wall to stare at takes an especially upbeat employee.

“The response has already been incredibly positive. It’s amazing how any employees were keen to share their experience of a bad office view with the public, and I guess it really goes to show it’s something most workers can relate to.

“But we have a feeling we haven’t seen the worst of the entries yet. With another month to go we are bracing ourselves for some real shockers in the coming weeks.”

Do you think your office view is worse than the entries so far? If so email a pic of them to [email protected]

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