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Is Underutilisation Draining the Lifeblood of Recruitment Businesses?


CRM’s are the lifeblood of a successful recruitment business. There is a plethora of choice across the market, with major players such as Salesforce and Bullhorn taking the majority of plaudits.

However, one company that is fast becoming the name on everybody’s lips is Bond International. Their recent acquisition by STG and subsequent integration with leading vacancy lead generation platform Innovantage has opened up a whole new opportunity for agencies across the UK.

Leads can be supplied directly into the CRM system through the Innovantage platform giving all recruiters live, up-to-date recruitment leads. This data can be matched against the current dataset giving them calling lists which are invaluable in what is an extremely competitive environment.

In the modern world underutilisation of your CRM system is something that people should avoid at their peril, a business needs one view of the truth. A structured, streamlined and effective approach to lead sourcing and ultimately sales is one which Bond and Innovantage can help support. Data is key to success, collecting it effectively and then being able to understand and utilize it is fast becoming a USP for agencies who have chosen to adopt the Innovantage and Bond integration.

Gone are the days of poorly managed Excel spreadsheets with recruiters sifting through the Yellow Pages, investing in a solution that supports your business on the quest to ensure increased productivity and therefore revenue is something that should be on the to-do list of any senior executive in the industry.


Innovantage is the UK’s leading provider of real-time labour market intelligence.

By tracking millions of live online job postings each month advertised across the UK’s major job boards as well as thousands of company websites, our software provides users with the most comprehensive analysis of recruitment demand in the UK.

We work in close collaboration with recruitment consultancies, job boards, and direct employers, who use our data to track customer and competitor online recruitment activity; find those companies with the most active and immediate recruitment needs; identify current hiring trends and anticipate future demand.

Innovantage has been at the forefront of delivering highly detailed sales intelligence exclusively for the employment industry since 2007. Through continued investment in research and development, we have not only maintained our market leading position but our advanced web mining capabilities and market intelligence reporting have enabled our clients to gain an edge over their competition too.

We refuse to stand still and are continuing to explore new technologies and expand our product range to ensure both high quality intelligence and user-friendly reporting. Our bespoke tools and intelligence reporting are now revolutionising the recruitment and research practices of many of the UK’s leading employers and staffing businesses.


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