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United States Leads the Way in Database Salaries, New Research Finds


The average annual salary of staff working with databases is currently $83,688, according to data released by Redgate Software following a wide-ranging survey.

The survey, carried out on Redgate community site SQLServerCentral, found that the United States tops the salary charts, with Database Administrators (DBAs) earning an average of $94,176 per year. Respondents in the UK earn less than half this – $44,483, lower than the average in continental Europe of $54,565.

Average full time salaries range from $200,000 (for someone with 19 years experience working in a bank in Italy) all the way down to $1,700 for a lead engineer in India at a technology provider.

The best paid sectors were utilities (average salary $104,204), and logistics ($99,681), with the public sector ($71,930) bringing up the rear. Just ahead of the public sector were staff at technology providers ($72,627), perhaps reflecting the wide range of jobs, experience and skill levels within the industry.

“This snapshot shows the best places to work if you want to be a well-paid DBA,” said Steve Jones, Microsoft Data Platform MVP and editor of SQLServerCentral. “The message is clear – those in the US and in the utility sectors have the highest average salaries, making them the top choices for experienced DBAs, while the UK lags behind the rest of Europe when it comes to take home pay.”

Key findings from the survey include:

Average salary by continent:

  • Middle East $20,250
  • Asia Pacific (inc. Australasia) $35,334
  • Africa $49,248
  • Europe $51,122
  • Americas $85,245

Average salary by country/region (selected):

  • USA $94,176
  • UK $44,483
  • Canada $69,324
  • India $21,766
  • Australia $78,000
  • New Zealand $82,200
  • Europe excluding UK $54,565

Average salary by industry:

  • Utilities $104,204
  • Logistics $99,681
  • Industrial (incl automotive) $91,535
  • Retail & Leisure $89,640
  • Real Estate $89,937
  • Not for profit $84,333
  • Healthcare $83,104
  • Finance $77,670
  • Services $77,203
  • Not given $75,760
  • Technology provider $72,627
  • Public Sector $71,930

The survey, conducted at the end of 2016, had 435 respondents from 40 countries, and the raw data can be downloaded from SQLServerCentral.


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