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Using the Employer Brand to Strengthen the Corporate Brand


A strong Employer Brand is rapidly becoming a fact of life in modern day talent acquisition. Firms who have a strong Employer Brand reap benefits

such as better retention rates and lower recruitment expenses as well as  help with attracting and retaining people who “fit”. And a distinct Employer Brand can make your recruitment activity more efficient. With clearly stated organization’s values, goals and culture, your company can avoid interacting with candidates who are out of step with your organization.

Similarly, a strong Corporate Brand is de rigueur for corporate and product success. The Corporate Brand can act as a direction pointer for both internal branding and Employer Branding. Combined with the Employer Brand, the two must depict accurately what an organization, based on its mission, culture and values, can offer prospective and current employees. In practice, these two important items are potential topics to be covered during (first day/first week) induction / new employee orientation and covered in one-on-one managers meetings; as well as disseminated widely internally via a company’s in-house new letter to employees.

The Corporate Brand is the portrait of the company that is painted in the minds of both internal and external stakeholders while the Employer Brand promotes positive and attractive images of the company in internal and external labor markets.