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Using Talent Communities #socialmedia for Employer Branding


Organizations face two big challenges in the context of two ever-changing realities –  key talent is hard to find and job seekers look to peers and the collective wisdom of the social web to decide on what firm to join.

The two objectives organizations will need to start thinking about are:

How to Build an employment brand that is relevant to the needs of the key talented people and to monitor the conversations on the social web to understand how to join in the conversation

Understand where these talented prospective employees are, what they talk about and how to engage them to attract them to consider you an employer.

Organizations will need to move away from building their presence from social networks and integrate them to build online communities for their talent pool.

When a person joins a talent community owned/ stewarded by an organization – he or she gives permission to the organization to have a conversation with him/her – and it is up to the organization to either mess it up by “pushing” its message or to take it to the next level by active engagement.