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Using Talent Communities to Strengthen Your Company’s Recruiting Strategy


Talent pools. Talent pipelines. Talent Communities. What’s in a name?  Call it what you will, talent is what we’re all after. Building a talent community will likely help your company improve cost per hire, increase workforce planning on an enterprise level and increase employee engagement.

While everyone seems to have their own unique definition, it’s safe to say a talent community includes talent joined together by a common interest engaged in communication.

I recently turned to the team at Forrester Research (@forrester) for some insight on a definition of a talent community.  April Eldred, (@AmazingTalent) Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition and Kate Forrestall, Senior Manager, Global Talent Acquisition Programs shared their definition of a talent community; “our Talent Community is a global hub for current candidates and potential future candidates to experience our culture, products and values.