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Using Your Firm’s Competitive Differentiators in your Employer Branding Program


As you build out and continue to tweak your Employer Branding Program, you might want to incorporate and “bake in” your firm’s differentiators—(assuming of course you know what they are).

Each firm has differentiators (whether they know it or not). These differentiators will make all the difference to prospective new hire candidates. They can be “competitive hooks” to grab and re-attract candidates.

You need to (regularly) unearth and uncover these doing external opinion surveys and in-house opinion surveys and questionnaires. When I was at was at Monsanto, I used to go into new hire orientation and conduct a mini “focus group”; I asked the new hires why they joined?, what they thought of their new company? and etc.

Differentiators can be such things as salary, benefits, work scheduling, culture, work environment, company values, mission, company location, and etc. Furthermore, examine how your differentiators which we can now label as “competitive differentiators” can differentiated you from your peer competitors. Also, do research to determine what your competitors “competitive differentiators are. Hopefully, your firm’s are better, if not set a plan to make them better. This market research is very important to keeping your EVP and Employer Brand as current as possible. And incorporate them in your “Employer Brand Architecture” for your main Employer Brand and in your Divisional (level) sub-brands for unique internal departments like engineering and IT.

Remember, strong Employer Brands (and EVPs) use compelling differentiators to engage and inform their target audiences and promote the perception and reality of their firm as—the place to work and grow and stay.