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Video and Games-based Recruitment Techniques – The Pros and Cons


Recruiters considering using video or games-based techniques for interviewing prospective candidates can obtain expert insight from leading organisations at a free breakfast seminar held by WCN, the leading global e-Recruitment software provider, in Central London on Friday 18th March 2016.

Designed for volume recruitment leaders, the seminar will explore the rapidly evolving technology landscape and help build understanding of best practice for creating engaging, candidate centric and efficient mechanisms as part of the recruitment process – making large-scale recruiting as meritocratic as possible.

This will include discussion from Charles Hipps CEO at WCN, on the benefits of embracing simplification and virtualisation in e-recruitment practices, with a focus on how this can help with attracting and hiring the right candidates and harnessing innovations.

Featuring experts from Arctic Shores, Cammio, idibu and Alexander Mann Solutions, the seminar will educate on the following topics: game technology, video interviewing, job board aggregators, talent acquisition and management.

The agenda has been designed to recognise the needs of employers in using multimedia technology to streamline recruitment processes as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Robert Newry, CEO & Co-founder of Arctic Shores, will demonstrate how to use gaming technology to attract and identify the best candidates in a fun and fair way. Walter Hueber, CEO & Co-founder of Cammio, will also be looking at how the video recruitment platform can help candidates and employers towards hiring with a visual first impression.

Other speakers on the day include Paul Arthur, Technical Solutions Architect at Alexander Mann Solutions, a leading provider of talent acquisition and management services and Tim Parker, Client Operations at idibu, who will be discussing how businesses can find better matched candidates, develop talent pools and grow referral networks.

Those attending will be invited to put forward questions and take part in discussions on challenges, pitfalls, quick wins and best practices in volume recruitment. The event will include simplifying and virtualising recruitment to improve speed of hire – for example, some WCN clients are now hiring within three days of applications being received.

The highly practical and interactive seminar will help to highlight how WCN can bring together the technologies of video and games as well as how automated processes can deliver administration savings, helping firms to attract and hire the right candidate through great engagement.

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