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Video interviewing; new kid on the block or old man refusing to move on?


This is post 1 of 4 in a four post series focused on video interviewing. Video interviewing appears to be all the rage at the moment although I’m not sure why all of a sudden it seems to be such a high profile part of the recruitment process as vendors such as HireVue (9 years) and Sonru (7 years) have both been around quite a few years now. Doing a quick search it feels like there are more video interview vendors than ATS vendors!

So is video interviewing a bit like the Rolling Stones at Glastonbury this year; a bunch of old men who had their time and now need to retire and accept the world is a different place? Or are they still alive and kicking wowing the crowd yet again?

I remember probably the first iteration of video interewing in 2000 which was way ahead of its time. But the concept has bubbled along for a while now and if you consider how long HireVue has been around it’s taken the market a while to take them seriously. That’s assuming “the market” really is.