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Video Interviews: Why to Follow the Trend


Video interviewing is fast becoming a major part of the recruitment process. Candidates increasingly expect forward thinking companies to have adopted it already. Should you follow the crowd and get involved in the video interview revolution?

WCN, the leading UK and global e-Recruitment software provider, which has helped many major companies revolutionise their recruitment processes believes you should.  Charles Hipps, CEO of WCN, says it is not just about jumping on the bandwagon. He argues that there are five practical reasons why video interviewing is becoming an industry must.

1. Reach Top Talent

Location, location, location – No matter where you or the candidate are located, video interviewing enables you to reach top talent anywhere in the world. Video interview technology permits recruiters to reach an unrestricted talent pool, allowing candidates to be analysed before deciding who should be put through for additional screenings and assessment centres. The video format also provides an opportunity to share information about the organisation and its corporate message, allowing interviewees to acquire a truer sense of the organisation, leading to a ‘best fit’ situation for both recruiter and candidate.