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Video Recruiting and the International Candidate


An interview with Emma Wright from BBA Reman: BBA Reman are one of the world’s leading automotive remanufacturers. They combine industry knowledge and engineering expertise to their services. With over eleven offices spread over three continents, they are always on the look out to expand into different ventures. One of those ventures included seeking out video interviewing software to recruit their newest candidates, with this, they turned to the award-winning video product, Sonru.

Here at Recruitment Buzz, we got the chance to sit down with Emma Wright, the Global Recruiter for BBA Reman, who shared with us her take on using video interviewing for recruiting.

Q1. BBA Reman recently introduced video interviewing in its recruitment process. Tell us why you chose Sonru and do you believe video interviewing to be a natural fit for manufacturing companies?

We started using Sonru last September, having met the team at the recruitment show at London’s Olympia. We decided to use Sonru as the team were very approachable and offered a complete service. They offer support where necessary and were happy to work with our software team to integrate the software with our Recruitment and HR platform. We were looking to implement video interviewing and had started out using Skype. The opportunity Sonru gave us to keep interviews on file and share them among the team, along with this, candidates were able to use the service at a time convenient to them simplified our recruitment process and reduced the time taken to hire. We have found that Sonru has worked really well as a method of pre-screening before face to face interview; the process has worked really well for managerial and sales positions where interpersonal skills are a necessity.

Q2. Most of your roles seem really hard to fill and spread around the world, has video interviewing helped you identify the best candidates?

BBA Reman has eleven offices spread across three continents, we work in a very niche market and therefore have positions in all offices that we are constantly recruiting for, our biggest challenge is filling Research and Development Engineers. Finding individuals who have the necessary experience! We are currently looking for Research and Development Engineers in our North American offices and often have difficulties in speaking to people as a result of the time difference. In this situation we have used Sonru for the initial screening process. The fact that we are able to tailor make each interview has enabled us to get an understanding of not just the interpersonal skills of the candidates but also their technical ability and knowledge. The opportunity to share interviews with experienced managers ensures that we bring the necessary candidates to face to face interviews.

Q3. The BBA Reman recruitment team has interviewed Engineers, Electronic Technicians, Field Sales Executives and even Deputy Country Managers with Sonru. Have the candidate provided any feedback on their experience?

Feedback from candidates has on the whole been positive; the acceptance rate of candidates able and willing to use the video software was higher than expected. We were worried that candidates would not have the required hardware- webcams, microphones etc. or would hesitate at the idea of no face to face interaction with the company. However, on the whole candidates seem to like the flexibility in terms of when they can complete interviews and have found the interview process easy to complete.

Q4. We understand you have been using Sonru for nearly 6 months. Have you been able to track any cost savings so far?

We started using Sonru last September, and the main reason for using video interviews was to reduce our costs. All recruitment done for BBA Reman, across our eleven offices, is done in our Global HQ in South West London. Prior to using Sonru we were flying candidates in from all over the globe- Boston, Krakow etc. We have seen a considerable reduction in costs, reducing the number of flights and accommodation costs by nearly 75%. We have also seen a reduction in the time it take to hire and in administration. It is definitely a very efficient method of hiring.

With an international company spread across three continents, the time and cost of interviewing and flying candidates across the globe would be considerably high, but as you can see, with the use of video interviewing it can reduce the cost dramatically. It’s not only about reducing cost however, it also allows you to save the interview, re-watch the candidate and share the video with your co-workers.

Together with this, the latest update from Sonru comes in the form of a new mobile app, it now allows you to watch your latest candidate interviews via your mobile device. For Emma, the use of Sonru has made it easier and more cost effective to narrow down just who they want to join their BBA Reman team.