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Video In the Recruitment Sector


Video job advertising is disrupting the recruitment market big time. In a traditionally sales dominated industry, we explore why some forwarding-thinking companies have adopted video as channel to back up their sales tactics with marketing reinforcements.

First, the case for video in any industry.

You don’t have to stare too long at your Facebook newsfeed to see that video has become one of the most popular formats in the last two years. Improved devices and the 4G roll-out have made it possible, and savvy marketers now spot an opportunity in these developments. Because research shows that video posts create 800% more engagement than text and image based adverts.

Then there are some human fundamentals – people buy from people. And video is the stand-out way of puLng yourself, or your team, out there: selling the benefits, building trust and showing personality. If a picture can paint a thousand words, a video can paint a million!

A downside of the digital world we live in is that people’s attention spans have gone down the plug
hole. You need to be able to get key messages across in seconds and video is a solution. It is processed 60,000 times faster than text allowing viewers to get a handle on what is being said quickly, before they move on to the next shiny thing.

It’s clearly going to be important for every business that wants to get ahead, but let’s take a closer look at why it should be of particular interest to progressive recruitment agencies.

The recruitment industry as already changed. It is no longer a résumé race but a talent acquisition business. It’s not your job to screen applicants but to create candidates.

As well as looking fantastic on your website, video is tailor made for LinkedIn. You can create a slick job advert that sells the role and the benefits and also shines a light on you the recruiter. And then target advertise it so it displays in front of the best candidates – even if they are not actively looking for a job. If you do not attract them first time around (75% candidates are not actively looking), they will know who to call when they do start a job search. That’s marketing in action.

And what about your clients? Video is a great way to show them in the best light and demonstrate that you are working at the cutting edge to find them the best candidates.

We think the only downside of video to recruitment companies is if they don’t get on board early enough. There is still a chance to be at the forefront of video job adverts to impress your clients, and attract the best talent. One day it will be the norm and those who don’t do it will be left behind. But for now video job adverts are your chance to be leader of the pack.

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With over 15 years experience within the Recruitment industry, Mark considers digital publishing, digital engagement, recruitment marketing and advertising (all media), digital video production, creative design and more recently social media development as his core knowledge and where a lot of his experience lays.

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