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Vidu Starts the Real Revolution in the Recruitment Industry


Vidu is the UK’s first ever-online video Recruitment Platform in real time, reaching employers and candidates globally through video and social media.

Parts of the traditional recruitment process have been “disrupted”, it is true, with marginal improvements.  Never though has a platform truly revolutionised the industry as a whole, with technological innovation whilst retaining the human element so vital to our industry. Vidu means faster, more cost effective and more reliable recruitment – and its very cool!

Founder Nicky Jones with 15 years experience of recruiting senior hires across all areas of the Logistics sector Nationally and Internationally says  “ It became very apparent to me that the Recruitment industry hasn’t really changed with the times, even with evolving technology, no one has reconstructed the whole dimension of this industry. It’s tired, costly, time consuming, and outdated and it needed an overhaul in its entirety, not just in parts of the process”

At the heart of Vidu is human interaction and engagement, the essence of the Recruitment industry. This browser based platform links employers and candidates face to face. It’s a sharing community. Sharing intelligence quickly and creatively. It delivers innovative, cutting edge technology, but is authentic in its delivery. It is transparent and diverse and most importantly real. Real people accessible immediately at the sound of a click. True engagement.

The platform brings together selective social interaction, video, and technology, whilst delivering a robust, seamless, dynamic and enjoyable process for employers and candidates. Vidu will give companies a platform to truly showcase their company, enabling them to attract more of the right people, increase retention rates, and secure the best talent quicker and more efficiently. It will give candidates a unique, creative and diverse channel for them to truly sell themselves as a whole package, and help them find the career and company they want.

“We are transforming the recruitment industries ecosystem, giving employers more say in who they recruit, enabling them to make a truly informed decision, based on more candidate DNA being available to them pre interview selection, saving on costs and time. “

“Bringing recruitment to life – that’s our message “ – Nicky Jones

Chris Bowden – Non Exec  

“In my experience one of the biggest reasons for candidates not working out is a cultural miss fit (as well as the usual generic performance issues), which through traditional recruitment methodology, such as vetting face to face, psychometric tests, 2/3 interviews, multi colleague interviews etc., does not always flush a cultural fit out. It also takes a lot of management time, cost and resource. It can also cost the candidates time and money in wasted journeys and interviews.

The Vidu platform as I see it delivers an opportunity for businesses and candidates, to have a more modern grown up, digital approach to recruiting and finding roles. Reducing time and costs in recruiting new candidates, and at the same time reducing cost and frustrations for candidates themselves, whilst increasing retention rates (which is great for all parties). Getting a more modern, open and honest view on candidates immediately is refreshing, and is a highly useful tool that is currently missing in the traditional Recruitment process.  Employers sharing more about their business environment with candidates, and candidates sharing more about themselves, both parties sharing more information digitally through Video, and Social Media on one platform has to be a win win. Getting an opportunity to establish the role, cultural and business fit quicker, will have a dramatic impact on the process and bottom line”

The Logistics sector is the initial focus for the Vidu launch, however the growth plan and strategy for the platform in the coming weeks, will mean it is rolled out across all other major market sectors.

Vidu Recruitment has launched! and has already secured a significant amount of early adopters from both employers and candidates.


During Nathan’s early career, he gained considerable experience from across many industries including Sales, Teaching and Retail, however more recently Nathan has delved into the world Digital Marketing and Publishing. Drawing on his past experiences, Nathan brings all aspects of his knowledge into Recruitment Buzz, possessing great research and social media skills.

Born and bred in Wales, Nathan is as Welsh as they come – living in the heart of the Valleys, Nathan proudly takes place as our resident Welsh speaker. However, Nathan’s knowledge of global understanding exceeds the Welsh borders, having lived in London, parts of the US and Ecuador.

Nathan is a self-proclaimed geek, having gained a degree in Natural Science via the Open University in Wales. In addition to his passion for science, he has a love for technology, nature, art and of course football!


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