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Wales Week in London: Why Wales Needs to Support this Initiative


c1rfs6fwqaapo4yWith a host of international trade deals potentially on the horizon, there is no better place for Wales to reach out to the international community than in the most vibrant and economically-active city of London, and getting front of the que seems to be the focus. Described as ‘where Wales meets London, when London celebrates Wales’, Wales Week in London is being led by Founders Dan Langford and Mike Jordan; two Welsh-based businessmen who boast an endless list of business connections in London.

Supported by a campaign of communications and promotional activity, Wales Week in London provides a vehicle for Welsh organisations in all sectors to promote their products and services whilst developing new London-based audiences, partnerships and business connections. This opportunistic fortnight of daily events offers a great opportunity for all levels of businesses in Wales, hence our eagerness to spread the word here at Recruitment Buzz.

Why now is the right time to form relationships with London

With a regular Cardiff to London flight path, as well as improved rail connectivity, the Welsh can now access the big city with efficiency, making it easier to invest our time in the nation’s capital and build London-Wales business connections. With many attractions to promote, our highly competitive services sector offers a powerful outsource ability. In addition, our digital, tech and creative sectors are thriving, with a variety of big city deals gathering national momentum. For these reasons, such initiatives could not have come at a better time.

Then there is Swansea, with an international energy game-changing project in the tidal lagoon, as well as a world-leading University. We also have the Northern powerhouse that North Wales has to add to its armoury, a fantastic record-breaking tourism offer and streams of innovation that runs through our sciences and food industries.

While not everyone will agree on our political ambitions as a nation, what does seem clear is the Welsh Government’s focus is on business and entrepreneurship. International-based businesses who invest in great Welsh companies certainly have a wide array of investment/development support to share their risk.

For more information about how you can get involved with this initiative, email or visit the site today.