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Want to Advance to the Top in the Staffing Industry? Stop Moving Around!


It may seem a little strange for someone in executive search to advise ambitious staffing professionals to slow down and stop moving jobs so frequently. After all, we are in the age of frequent job-hopping and the free agent marketplace. Switching organizations every three years is commonplace and can be an effective way to accelerate career advancement and salary growth. Not to mention that executive search organizations like mine benefit from having strong, motivated candidates who are willing to move companies. Why would I suggest staying put to focus and increase your tenure?

My years of work in senior executive search for the staffing and human capital management industry have taught me that there are positives and negatives to every career path. The down side to serial job-hopping across the staffing industry is a ceiling that limits executive career advancement. This may not be true for senior leadership roles in all industries, but it remains true in staffing. Go-getters who want to rise all the way to the top — to be part of a staffing company’s executive suite — cannot continue to move in and out of organizations every few years without limiting how high they can rise in the industry. Just as there is knowledge and experience to be gained from moving to new employers, executives also gain valuable, sought-after skills when they commit to an organization and its goals for a longer stretch. Let’s explore what there is to be gained by staffing executives who play the long (at least the longer-term) game.