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War for Talent Breaking Out in Polish Jobs Market


While there are still those European countries – such as Italy and Spain – struggling to bounce back after the economic crisis, Poland’s economy is recovering. However, in a candidate-led market, businesses are facing a challenge when it comes to attracting and retaining the top talent. That’s according to the third edition of the survey ‘Activity of Professionals and Managers in the Labour Market’, carried out by recruiter Antal International.

Findings revealed that 39% of professionals and managers were actively seeking jobs – suggesting improved positivity in the market – while 46% were doing so passively, for instance by making their CV available to interested parties through recruitment portals and social media.

The passive category of individuals included mainly professionals and managers specialising in the following fields: IT (21%), HR (20%), and finance and accounting (16%). Anna Piotrowska-Banasiak, a manager at Antal International in Poland, suggests that much of this may be linked to remuneration: “Professionals and managers working in the finance sector, for example, are well-paid. They rarely decide to look for a new job on their own – in most cases it is the employers who try to lure them to work for their organisation.”

However, results suggest that money isn’t the only factor involved when it comes to keeping professionals motivated in their current role. Despite the fact that over half (52%) of respondents said that salary was an important consideration, the largest percentage of respondents (54%) answered that a friendly work atmosphere and personal relations within the company were the main motivational factors.

Artur Skiba, Managing Director, Antal International and vice-president of Association of Employment Agencies in Poland, says: “The results suggest that the salaries of professionals and managers are high enough to keep individuals motivated, but Polish businesses also need to be more flexible when it comes to attracting the best people away from competitors. A friendly work environment is key, and employers should be considering organising more team-building exercises to improve cooperation within the company. It’s fundamental that they recognise the importance of attracting and retaining talent, and are thinking into the future in order to remain competitive.”