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Ways in Which Technology Makes Candidate Attraction Easier


Candidate attraction is never easy and it’s been made a little harder by the strong candidate-driven market many recruiters are experiencing. Proactive, qualified and properly motivated candidates are what every role you’re recruiting for demands.  Candidate attraction can be divided in two ways – the candidates you want, and the candidates that apply for everything. We can ignore the second, there is little you can do to not attract these candidates.  What’s important to you is reaching out and engaging with the candidates you do want. You’re an experienced recruiter.  You write excellent, keyword-rich adverts. You’re not scared to pick-up the phone and do what’s needed to source the best talent, but sometimes (and more increasingly, often) your skills as a recruiter aren’t enough – you need to make the most of the plethora of technological solutions available for recruiters.

Let’s start with a less obvious one – gamification – utilising gaming technology, methodologies, and principles to engage with your audience. Gamification has seen a huge increase in use, especially in recruitment. Rather than the usual “apply now”, or “attach your CV” button on an advert, setting a potential applicant a task that can be completed online is engaging, challenges the applicant, AND makes your company look like a forward-thinking, technology-embracing hub. Further, gamification exercises provide rich and plentiful data that cannot be collected from usual recruitment methods. It may take a little time and investment, but the results (in the form of placed candidates), far outweigh the initial outlay.

Job boards are the bread and butter of the recruitment world. In-house or agency, recruiters of every ilk utilise multi-national and super-niche boards alike. Making the most of your advertising means two things: writing an advert that will grab the attention of your candidate pool, and not posting every advert on every job board you use. We can give you a little guidance on the first, but we can give the industry-leading solution for the second. Broadbean have the most comprehensive and intuitive multi-posting tool on the market, and we partner with the greatest number of job boards and social networks to bring the most complete solution available. Time is crucial in your hunt for talent – we save tens of thousands of recruiters, crucial hours every month – no one can say we aren’t giving!

We don’t need to tell you how important social networks are to the modern world, but do you need reminding of how important they are to recruitment? Recruiters talk about utilising social media to source candidates, but what most mean is that you search LinkedIn. Twitter is most under-used, but most important of all the social networks. It may have less profile information than LinkedIn, but Twitter is where people hang-out and discuss what’s important to them. Get involved, be genuine, and let your experience and knowledge shine across the virtual social world.

Niche social networking is becoming more popular as people move away from giants like Facebook, in search of a more personal experience. Follow them! Discover what’s moving and shaking your talent pool and get involved – but be warned, users of niche networks will quickly root out anyone merely fishing for candidates – make your interactions meaningful and actually contribute to communities, it will pay dividends within your candidate attraction strategy.

Recruiters have skills that others in business are, truly, jealous of. Sales, marketing, analysis, research, negotiation, all rolled into one consulting package (the recruiter). These vital skills are all part of the experienced recruiters arsenal, but sometimes they aren’t enough.

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