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WCN Partners with Pymetrics


WCN, a pioneer of intelligent recruitment technology today announces a new partnership with Pymetrics, a firm that uses neuroscience games and bias-free artificial intelligence to predictively match people with jobs where they’ll perform at the highest levels.

Effective immediately, WCN customers will be able to integrate their application tracking systems with Pymetrics’ well-validated neuroscience games, which collect objective behavioural data on candidates. Customers will be supported with ensuring they are methodologically removing bias from the process through game design, blind auditions, and statistical tools.

Through 20 minutes of game play, Pymetrics assesses candidates based on their potential — their inherent cognitive and emotional make-up — rather than their pedigree, or resume.

The technology will complement WCN’s recently launched Predictive Recruiting Scoring tool. Using a data-science process developed with industry experts and academic leaders, WCN has built a machine learning algorithm that will, with up to 90 percent confidence, zero in on ideal candidates from the moment their application is complete and submitted.

“Using WCN Predictive Recruiting Scoring and Pymetrics technology, employers will have an even more robust selection methodology in place. They provide the ability to quickly flag candidates that have certain key indicators of success to streamline the selection process and nurture this talent ahead of competitors,” said Charles Hipps, founder and CEO of WCN.

Pymetrics MD for EMEA, Alex Cresswell adds:

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with WCN; both companies are at the forefront of using sophisticated technology to help clients with talent management challenges. Together we can deliver clients a highly engaging candidate experience, improved efficiency and broader diversity.”


WCN is a leading pioneer in the field of innovative and intelligent recruitment technology. With over 20 years’ experience, WCN products and solutions are built to accelerate and improve recruiting from start to finish, creating a more meaningful and transparent experience for recruiters and candidates. By providing clear insights into the requirements for great hiring velocity and results, WCN has become a proven strategic partner to some of the world’s most respected organisations – including HM Revenue & Customs, John Lewis, JPMorgan and Credit Suisse – who trust WCN to assess and hire talent. Using WCN talent acquisition technology, organisations can drive real change by accelerating and improving the entire process of finding, assessing and managing events and hiring the best talent at every level — from emerging to lateral hires, high-volume recruiting campaigns, public sector and financial service appointments, veterans and diversity. We rapidly find the best talent by managing their entire hiring process; creating a more engaging and transparent relationship between brands and applicants.


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