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WCN Unveils Revolutionary Predictive Recruiting Scoring Technology


WCN, a pioneer of innovative recruitment technology, today announced the launch of its newest tool, Predictive Recruiting Scoring. Using a data-science process developed with industry experts and academic leaders, WCN has built a machine learning algorithm that will, with up to 90 percent confidence, zero in on ideal candidates from the moment their application is complete and submitted.

“Top employers continue to receive huge numbers of applications for each open position and ultimately, the majority of applicants – upwards of 95 percent – are turned down. With WCN Predictive Recruiting Scoring, employers have the ability to quickly flag candidates that have certain key indicators of success to streamline the selection process and nurture this talent ahead of competitors,” shared Charles Hipps, founder and CEO of WCN.

Predictive Recruiting Scoring provides a way to fast-track the identification of up to one-third of the most promising candidates. In turn, recruiters are able to focus more on the human side of the process, providing candidates with added value by building relationships and forging brand loyalty. This helps ensure that top talent stay engaged with the hiring organisation rather than the competition.

Through dashboards in the applicant tracking system, recruiters are able to see the percentage forecast of interview probability and offer probability for all applications. The tool works to reduce unconscious biases and enhance diversity by uncovering strong candidates who may have gone unnoticed in a non-intelligent or manual process. In addition, recruiters can see individual profile graphs that show how the algorithm used data about the candidate’s education and work experience to generate these probabilities. Recruiters gain insight and reasoning into which characteristics score the strongest. The predictive technology included in Predictive Recruiting Scoring has the potential to widen the recruitment net and create a well-qualified talent pool, while saving recruiters countless hours otherwise spent manually combing through applications.

Hipps continued,

“With more than 20 years of experience managing data in the recruiting space, there is no other talent acquisition suite that can score candidates with this level of historical information. Predictive Recruiting Scoring equips employers with insights about which candidates should be shortlisted for an interview as well as the likelihood that the organisation will want to hire them. The result is stronger evidence to support hiring the very best fit for the organisation.”


WCN is a leading pioneer in the field of innovative and intelligent recruitment technology. With over 20 years’ experience, WCN products and solutions are built to accelerate and improve recruiting from start to finish, creating a more meaningful and transparent experience for recruiters and candidates. By providing clear insights into the requirements for great hiring velocity and results, WCN has become a proven strategic partner to some of the world’s most respected organisations – including HM Revenue & Customs, John Lewis, JPMorgan and Credit Suisse – who trust WCN to assess and hire talent. Using WCN talent acquisition technology, organisations can drive real change by accelerating and improving the entire process of finding, assessing and managing events and hiring the best talent at every level — from emerging to lateral hires, high-volume recruiting campaigns, public sector and financial service appointments, veterans and diversity. We rapidly find the best talent by managing their entire hiring process; creating a more engaging and transparent relationship between brands and applicants.


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