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What can Facebook’s Open Graph do for your Recruiting Strategy?


Many of us have heard how Facebook’s new Timeline is changing the way we interact with music, photos, and other content on the web. Timeline’s Open Graph apps and new design is making the prevalent network even ‘stickier’ for users, integrating everything from the song they’re playing to what article they just read. But what does this have to do with recruiting?

Since Timeline encourages users to share even more than they already were, Facebook is gathering more data from their users. Consequently, advertisers are gaining more information, and Facebook is likely to improve as a recruiting platform for small and big companies alike. With the new profile quickly spreading, recruiters should start brainstorming now the best ways to leverage Open Graph apps.

The Open Graph platform allows 3rd party applications on Facebook to integrate more deeply into the Facebook experience, letting users see their friends’ popular actions in the moment. The more a user interacts with the app, the more prominently it’s displayed on the Facebook Timeline, news feed and Ticker.