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What does 2014 hold for HR technology?


No-one really argues about where HR technology is heading – unified, streamlined talent management suites, sharing datasets with other business functions, powered by predictive analytics and accessible everywhere.

The last few years have made this future clear – cloud-based talent management suites are now the gold standard in HR technology.  Suppliers who have not been traditionally cloud-based have muscled their way into the market. Oracle gobbled up Taleo. IBM took on Kenexa. SAP acquired SuccessFactors. Workday, the poster child of the HR cloud era, has noticeably bulked up its offering.

Now that the battleground is set, it’s the nature of the battle that’s important. 2014 will see suppliers compete on two main grounds: complexity and simplicity. The behemoths of the internet – Google, Amazon – are incredibly complex, but they’ve proven that simple front-ends create scale. This lesson hasn’t been lost on HR  suppliers with keen appetites to grow their market share.