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What does A Level Results Day Mean for HR and Management? – Industry Comment


Dean Forbes, CEO at CoreHR, explains that HR and management need to start thinking about how this new generation can settle into the world of work, and there’s a few ways they can help with this.

“Exam results are a nerve-wracking time for teenagers across the country and it’s no surprise that a lot of the conversation gets wrapped up in talk of university admissions, but it’s also important to consider that we’re at a point where new talent are entering the workforce. As the first generation of workers born in the 2000s, their expectations of the workplace will be worlds away from previous generations. Management seeing this period as an opportunity to hire must consider how they can best help these new workers settle into the world of work and make the most of their unique skills.

“These digital natives don’t demand tech savvy workplaces, they expect them. If employers want to attract and retain this new talent, they’ll need to create workplaces where employees are able to use the gadgets and tools that work for them. Having grown up with easy access to technology, it’s likely these workers will be even less tolerant of frustrating workplace systems and tools. This is especially true if they feel prevented from doing their best work.

“Many workplaces today are a mismatch of different generations, and that’s great because each generation brings unique insights and capabilities to the table. However, management and HR must proactively encourage an atmosphere where everyone can succeed and work effectively together. Fostering collaborative relationships can allow different generations to learn from each other and acquire new skills.

“Plenty of younger workers actively seek mentors, so they’re already primed for cross-generational input. Older workers also benefit from this knowledge exchange. Through this type of initiative, employees are encouraged to respect their counterpart’s skills and capabilities so any tensions can be nipped in the bud.”


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