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What Job Seekers Really Want – More and Better


An article in Forbes a few months ago reported the BLS statistics on people quitting their jobs. In what the author called an epidemic there are 2 million voluntary terminations in the US every month.

More people quit their jobs in March of 2013 than were laid off. The turnover rate of 1.69% per month over the past decade is relatively constant, but the actual number of “quits” is continuing to grow in spite of high unemployment. That same article cites two other recent studies that 74% of the active workforce would consider changing jobs and 32% are actively looking. In the quest to find out what job seekers really want we need to consider the causes for the need for change.

When people congregate in online chat rooms to discuss helping job seekers there is a great deal of attention given to the recent grads that can’t find work, the unemployed, and the underemployed. Considering the whole body of “job seekers” includes those with jobs that are dissatisfied with the choices they currently have. Everybody wants more than what they have or a better situation. Nobody quits a job for less or worse.