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What’s Deterring Talent From Applying To Your Jobs?


As predictions of a skills shortage feature heavily in recruitment headlines, could these six areas be deterring talent from applying to your open jobs?

Gender biased language : New research from Adzuna reveals the hidden gender bias in your job posts affecting your ability to hire.  The report found that feminine language is most common in social and teaching jobs. In contrast, advertising sales and consultancy job posts feature heavily masculine language. The tech sector was perhaps surprisingly one of the least biased in their use of language around gender. But even here, the use of masculine words became more frequent when advertising senior level roles. As the gender pay gap featured again last week, reconsider the use of your language to expand your candidate reach. Notably, the most popular masculine words included ‘lead’, ‘active’ and ‘competitive’, while highly ranked feminine words included ‘support’, ‘responsive’ and ‘understand’.