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When Job Board Marketing Goes Too Far


What should a job board do when its marketing goes too far? tells the story of a UK job board (we will maintain the board’s anonymity for its own sake) that placed cardboard signs all over London with the phrase “Found a Job” written on them and the job board’s address on it. Along with the cardboard sign, the company also placed a blanket, a pair of abandoned shoes and a dog dish. In other words, the website is implying that it helped homeless people to find jobs and now those homeless people have left the streets.

Did this UK job board help get homeless people off the streets and into jobs? The job board itself won’t say. But what is being heard is the outrage of the people of London who insist that this marketing stunt is heartless and belittles the homeless problem that is growing in London. When does job board marketing go too far, and what can be done to fix the damage?