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Where Next for the Recruitment Industry? The Potential Impact of the Conservative Government for Recruiters


A week after the Conservative party won the general election, the recruitment industry is taking stock of the party’s manifesto and looking at what the Conservative future may hold – with one of the key messages to build a “brighter, more secure future”.

According to the Conservative party, Britain is creating more jobs than the 27 countries of the European Union put together, which is reflective of the recent rise in the ‘Year of the Candidate’ trend we have seen. Figures released show that over the last five years, 1.9 million new jobs have been created which averages 1,000 a day. Thanks to the positive economic outlook, recruiters are now taking advantage of the opportunities – from graduate roles to executive search – but with opportunity also comes competition, and recruiters are under increasing pressure to stay at the top of their game.