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White Paper Solves GDPR Compliance for Recruiters


Recruitment software enterprise eBoss Online Solutions publishes its white paper on GDPR compliance for recruiters today. Focusing on the particular requirements of the recruitment sector, the white paper includes a step-by-step guide that ensures compliance before changes to the law come into effect on 25th May, 2017.

The business, which supplies software services to recruiters and talent specialists in multiple countries, began working on their white paper after encountering a significant degree of confusion relating to the rule changes.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the first EU data security law to have worldwide consequences. Businesses across the globe are expected to demonstrate compliance, or a face potentially costly fine. Maximum penalties for breaches in the law amount to €20 Million – or 4 per cent of global annual turnover.

Although industries have been given two years to prepare for the new regulatory framework, few have received any guidance on the subject. Eboss believes that many organisations have yet to even begin their compliance initiatives – even though there is now less than 6 months until the deadline.

The white paper, which is available free of charge from the company’s homepage, explains in clear, easy-to-follow language the full implications of new laws, and what they mean for recruiters. Perhaps most importantly of all, it also offers specific guidance on ways to remain compliant.

eBoss Managing Director David Lyons said:

”GDPR represents a fundamental step-change in the way businesses around the world handle and process their data. No enterprise is too small to dodge their security obligations under the new framework; nobody will ‘slip through the GDPR net’.”