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Why Community Management is Essential for Recruitment Marketing


It’s essential for recruitment companies to have a voice and to really engage their followers. We spoke to Christie Fidura of The Perfect Circle to discuss why brands need community management, some common mistakes made by businesses and much more! Listen to the interview on Soundcloud, iTunes or keep reading for a transcript of our conversation.

Why brands need community managers:

Well, there are several reasons that an organisation might want a community. It’s a big responsibility. It’s like getting married. You don’t enter into this relationship lightly because it’s extremely difficult to extract yourself from a community once you’ve built it. So I think that there’s some good strategic decisions and initiatives that need to be laid out and decided upon before entering into the relationship. But specifically, my belief is that, there are a few reasons to want to have a community, and on a very high level ranking, it’s my personal belief that any company that sells anything should want to have a community.