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Why EI Matters – Past, Present and Future JCA Global Celebrates 25 Years of EI


World leader in applied Emotional Intelligence (EI) in the workplace, JCA Global, a PSI business, marked their 25th anniversary last night with a celebration at the National Theatre in London. The team were joined by clients, colleagues and friends from companies as diverse as Marks & Spencer, HSBC, Bloomberg and Irish Bank.

Guests heard from Jo Rye, Head of Talent at Marks & Spencer, about how developing EI is helping organisations meet the challenges they face today. Stuart Evans, Head of Learning and Talent Development at HSBC UK, then shared his own views about the impact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have on organisations in the future.

The event also marked the book launch of the updated Emotional Intelligence at Work by Jo Maddocks, co-founder and Chief Psychologist at JCA Global. An abridged version of Jo’s book, The Book of EI, was presented to guests as a useful guide to why EI matters and the impact that it has.

During her presentation, Jo Rye shared her views about why EI matters, “We are facing a world around us that is changing at a rate of knots. How do we keep up and achieve sustainable high performance, cultural transformation and organisational success? I believe that emotionally intelligent leadership is the key. EI is the differentiator and a game changer – for individuals, teams and organisational culture as a whole.”

Stuart Evans reinforced this up with his belief that, “AI is unstoppable, and some jobs will disappear. This leaves a very different role for humans and it is where EI comes into play. The advantages and opportunities now lie in being more human – sound leadership, interaction and communication skills, all underpinned by EI.”

John Cooper, CEO at JCA Global, said,

“EI is now recognised by leaders as key to fostering a culture of wellbeing and success. Twenty years ago it was seen as a fringe topic and now it’s sought out by CEOs and HRDs as a central approach to create great places to work and yield sustainable performance in people. It is going to become even more important as the use of AI increases and the need for collaboration grows.”

“It is brilliant that so many leaders were able to join us to celebrate 25 years of our work in evolving the Emotional Intelligence Profile into the world’s best of breed EI psychometric in the workplace. This reflects the fact that organisations – large and small – recognise the importance of EI and the impact that developing EI is having on business success.”

Research continues to demonstrate the benefits of EI in business as well as a strong correlation between EI and job performance. By identifying the attitudes which underpin an individual’s thinking and feelings, it is possible to gain insight into what drives effective behaviour and enable sustainable change.

JCA Global, a PSI business, is a world leader in applied Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.

Download your free copy of The Book of EI here:


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