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Why Gaining ISO-9001 is Important for Recruitment Companies


There are a lot of recruitment companies in operation, and as in every industry, they can sometimes vary in quality from those who are seeking maximum profit for minimum input to those who genuinely want to provide an exceptional service for their clients and candidates. There has been a lot of discussion recently about the possible development of a standard for the UK recruitment sector, but until this happens how can a client differentiate between the good and the bad and decide who to trust to deliver a thorough and first class service?

Choosing a recruitment provider can be a costly decision to a company; if they get it wrong a lot of time and money can be spent with very little gain. A recruitment company with an in-depth methodology, efficient processes and a mechanism for customer feedback is much more likely to provide a client with a thorough recruitment process and much more likely to succeed in delivering a successful outcome. But how does a service organisation prove that they have efficient systems in place before a new client experiences their service first hand?