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Why Google’s Hiring Practices are Ahead of the Curve


Google is a name synonymous with innovation. From its search engine and advertising to its phones and online apps, the brand is one that seems to be forever forward-thinking, and this is apparent in its hiring strategies as well. Google candidates come from far and wide to try to become a part of the company, but many don’t know what they are getting themselves in for when it comes time to interview. What makes google’s hiring practices so innovative?

Famous Interview Questions

For starters, the questions themselves are often unexpected and seemingly off the wall, but they serve a purpose. Famous examples include, “Why is a manhole cover round?” and “How many piano tuners are there in the entire world?” Now, these seem nonsensical, but what they do is show how a candidate thinks. Although Google is getting away from asking these types of questions, they allow the interviewer to see the candidate walk through a problem. Even if there is no right answer or if there are multiple right answers, the idea is to see the candidate in action.



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