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Why IT Skills Matter When Recruiting


One of the biggest threats to the average person when applying for jobs is their IT skill set, or lack thereof. Growing up in a society that is increasingly advancing in technological discovery, a rising demand from employers for any potential employee is that they have an appropriate or up to date knowledge about basic computer skills.

But define ‘basic computer skills’…

A decade ago, ‘basic computer skills’ meant having the simple competence to operate Microsoft word, or maybe create a PowerPoint or two. Now, there is almost a haunting expectation on people to know the inside mechanisms of their hard drive. As young as I am at the age of eighteen, I left the education system with no qualification in any subject relating to computing whatsoever. Fortunately, this has fared okay for me so far, and now I find myself in part time employment using a computer every day. As well as this, computing is not one of my natural abilities, but having to use one constantly through school, and now university, has come up in my favour.

But what do I do if I haven’t been fortunate enough as you, the eighteen year old student?

That’s a good question, difficult, but one that is definitely has an answer and solution to it. Using the internet may be part of your problem, but even getting assistance from an internet savvy friend or two to search for firms that specialise in IT and can use their expert team to help you find a job! Because – joy of all joys – most of the best employment opportunities are found via internet searching, which involves being good with hunting on a computer. NSK Consultants are a firm very aware that difficulties in the IT sector, although common, are mostly personal. They will tailor you an experience to suit personal requirements so that you get the best possible results achievable.

So, they are able to recruit me… What next?

Although you may find the perfect job, at that perfect job you may still be required to have a particular set of computing skills. Promoting your ‘soft skills’ to employers, such as your own genuine personality traits is a good and honest way to approach difficulties you may encounter when first starting out a job. Take myself, I work at a computer for an SEO company, the position advertised that I applied for was for a Copywriter. In my interview, my current boss asked me about my knowledge and experience with SEO. My reply was that I had no prior knowledge. Honesty was definitely the best policy in this situation as he was then aware of what I would be able to realistically achieve in the first week, but judging me on my personally traits, he knew I would be willing to work tirelessly until I mastered the fine art of SEO. Personally however, I don’t think anyone will ever know all there is to ever know about SEO.

Don’t worry, many people are in the same boat in terms of freaking out over employment competition and opportunity. Using the resources provided to you from the glorious life source that is the internet can help you expand your knowledge whilst helping you hunt for job or specialists to help with your search. Gain those IT skills and sweep every potential employer off their feet.


Stuart has over 10 year’s experience in and around the recruitment industry, working his way up from a Production Editor to Director of Onrec.

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