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Why Job Boards and Staffing Agencies Should Work Together


As part of Recruitment Advisor’s ongoing series to help job boards improve their brand to generate more revenue, I sat down with RealMatch Product Marketing Director Bart Bartolozzi to tackle some of the difficult questions from the RealMatch webinar ‘Use Brand to Generate Job Board Revenue.’ This article explores how job boards and staffing agencies compete – or rather don’t – and how it may be beneficial for both to work together. The question that started this conversation was from one webinar participant asking:

Do job boards compete with staffing agencies?

In response, Bartolozzi says, “There is some overlap to the services that they provide, but I don’t see them as true head-to-head competitors, and primarily because many staffing agencies are some of the most active job board advertisers”. Describing what staffing agencies do and when and how they turn to job boards, Bartolozzi describes the moments “where they don’t have existing applicant databases through their network or where they look to extend their database, they certainly use job boards as one of the primary ways to expand their database funnels.” So when agencies have jobs but not job seekers, job boards and their job seekers become valuable assets to agencies.