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Why Millennials are Loving Start-Ups More and Traditional Companies Less


It’s little wonder that millennials are attracted to the cutting edge, fast-paced, and exciting world of start-up companies. Indeed, the Venn diagram comprising of ‘millennials’ and ‘start-ups’ circles would certainly overlap pretty closely. They’re both trendy, ahead of the curve, open and adaptive to change, and contain just a dash of naive optimism.

Yet the overwhelming majority of start-up companies fail to make a return on their investment. To any logical mind, and especially the mind of a youth riddled with college debt, a career-oriented position in a traditional company should make much more sense. Yet the reverse is true: the young want to work for start-ups and are shying away from working for traditional companies, even those on the Fortune 500. Why is that, and what, if anything, does it mean?



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