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Why Should I Bother with Candidate Engagement?


Most recruiters seem to agree that finding new, talented candidates can be a right pain in the…knee. You put all of your energy into tracking down the top talent and searching through a million duff CV’s in search of a speck of gold dust. It really is no mean feat. But hats off to you, you’ve managed it hundreds of times before. Which means…wait! You already have hundreds of candidates on your database that you KNOW are good. So why are you ignoring them? What if that absolute gem of a candidate you placed 3 years ago is ready to move on? Would you know? Unless you’re making an effort to engage with your database, that candidate will soon be someone else’s, and you’ll be back to the drawing board.

And that’s not all. Check out my top 4 reasons why you should bump candidate engagement up in your priorities…