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Why Smart Agencies Are Choosing to Outsource


Steve Jobs, Obama, and Zuckerberg all chose to wear the same outfit each day to remove the fatigue from decisions that didn’t need to be made.

It allowed them to then dedicate their focus to the decisions that did, and is the overarching reason agencies are making the smart decision to outsource the tasks that aren’t integral or directly involved in recruiting.

You make more by spending less

Anything that pleases both the CFO and CEO is something that businesses should consider, and reducing spend and boosting profit is likely to do both.



Liz Longman is the Managing Director of TEAM (The Employment Agents Movement). Liz has been involved in recruitment for over 20 years, before joining TEAM some ten years ago she headed up a region for a generalist agency.

Liz covered every sector of recruitment from supplying temporary workers, permanent placements at an Executive level and a Managed Service Contract. Liz has always been passionate about customer service and aims to offer the TEAM Membership and all associated with the network a first class service.

The TEAM network of agencies with over 500 locations and a combined turnover of over £1 billion is the largest network of independent recruitment agents in the UK. TEAM’s main ethos is to assist in the promotion and networking of business and innovations in the recruitment industry across its Membership.

TEAM also works closely with NPAworldwide helping to support its Members recruiting globally.


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