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Why the Right Applicant Tracking System Will Instantly Improve Your Company’s Candidate Experience


This article has been submitted by Zoho Recruit.

In the expanse of the Hotel Irvine grand ballroom – nestled in the heart of sunny Southern California – recruiters move from booth to booth like tourists along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They’re laughing and shaking hands and telling stories; formalities and rituals before business begins.

It isn’t long before the conversations shift from small talk to real talk. The, how have you been’s?” and so great to see you’s,” become, I need to enrich my pipeline and reach more candidates…show me your applicant tracking system…can you parse resumes with it?”

One thing you deduce at a staffing and recruiting conference is the air of excitement when recruiters talk about their career field. They want to stay current and understand how software solutions benefit them. They want to go home better than when they arrived.