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Why There has Never Been a Better Time to Start a Recruitment Business


It has been said countless times over the last 18 months to the extent that it risks becoming a cliché. But like all clichés it’s true – there really has never been a better time to start a new recruitment business, especially one that operates a permanent desk.

Last month the REC JobsOutlook survey found that eight out of 10 (83%) of UK employers plan to hire more permanent staff in the next three months, with 94% of employers stating that they have limited capacity to take on more work and need more staff.

Add the fact that 80% of employers say that economic conditions will continue to improve this year to the equation and it becomes clear why permanent recruiters are set for a strong 2016…and beyond. So what’s stopping you from capitalising on the opportunity to build and grow a successful recruitment business?



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Never switches off. Dubbed as Mr Innovation by colleagues and industry, in 1987 David Thornhill first started out in the recruitment industry as a payroll clerk for a local firm in Gloucestershire, Staff UK. David went onto write the first ever software model of its kind for the temp recruitment market, integrating payroll, invoicing, sales ledger, funding and comprehensive management reporting; in essence creating a completely new funding supplier sector.

Prior to the Cash Simply venture he also worked as a board director for another recruitment company, where David used his extensive operational, accountancy and IT skills, to streamline processes and grow the business through increased cash flow and cost savings.

In April 2004, David aka “Mr Innovation” and Tom Atkinson joined forces to launch and begin trading under the brand name Cash Simply, which marked the start of a company based on a similar model to those they had previously developed to great success. They have progressed from a standing start to an annual turnover of more than £45 million, and have built an operational base that could double or treble that volume.

When he’s not dreaming up his next business venture, David enjoys running, attending music festivals and doing the occasional charity skydive. His next challenge is to complete a marathon.

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