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Why your Company Needs to Measure Employee Engagement


Corey McAveeney is a Culture Geek at Culture Amp, the creators of Murmur, a survey and analytics platform for measuring and improving your workplace.

“Work hard play hard” is an often repeated motto among many startups, as is the popular “Get shit done.”

I’m all for those who bring it to their startup culture, but what is the meaning behind these platitudes? Thankfully, “It is what it is” was short-lived and no one I know has tried to describe their startup culture as such.

These oversimplified sayings are more about the effort founders, people ops folks, and others in leadership roles make to communicate the behaviors they expect from everyone on the team. It’s one way to get people to connect with the work and other team members, essentially working to boost the tried and true indicator of many things: employee engagement.

What exactly is employee engagement and why should your company measure it?