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Why Zero Hours Contracts are Good News for Both Workers and Businesses


One in 40 British workers is now employed on a zero hours contract. Depending on your point of view, this is either a blight on the state of modern Britain, a sign of capitalism in dysfunction, or it is the jewel in Britain’s flexible labour market crown and proof that one in 40 people who would otherwise be out of work have some form of employment. The truth is a bit more nuanced.

Zero hours contracts were a small, but definitely useful factor in keeping unemployment down during the recession. In difficult times, they enable businesses to hold onto staff. Subsequently, flexibility in the labour market, including the growth in self-employment and slow wage growth, has meant the private sector could create jobs at a faster rate than many predicted.

By most measures, the 2.4 per cent of British employees hired on a contract with no guaranteed hours value their flexibility. They are used heavily by students, the under-25s and over-65s – those who do not or cannot commit to a set number of hours per week. For skilled professionals and tradesmen, those who can work ‘on call,’ the flexibility of a zero hours contract can actually boost their earning power.



Ian has had an impressive career to date spanning nearly 30 years in recruitment, talent acquisition, sales and training sectors.

Having worked as Sales Director for Hays Specialist Recruitment for 11 years, Ian understands the complexities of corporate resourcing and constructing high return client relationships. He has led the sale of Managed Services contracts with values of up to £20M per annum and delivered numerous long term high value partnerships.

As a strategic partner to many blue chip organisations, Ian has worked at board level to assist strategic decision-making in skills availability within regions, sectors and countries. The organisations Ian has helped with his innovative, solutions focused approach include Barclays Bank, Clerical Medical, NHS Connecting for Health, DWP, MoneySupermarket, AXA Direct and Leicestershire County Council.

As well as being a founder partner of Recruitment Training Group, Ian also runs the complimentary Selling Success business, offering consulting, coaching, training and education in business development and relationship selling. Ian’s enthusiasm for coaching doesn’t end there, as a qualified FA coach he enjoys motivating people to be the best in their sporting endeavours, as well as in business.

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and management psychology, Ian is able to teach sales relationship skills that it takes others years to learn. Ian is a highly proficient user of social media as a sales tool, having generated over 50% of his business income via social media. And gives others the framework to use channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter to drive their own success.


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