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Why will Programmatic Advertising Give you the Results that you Currently Can’t Achieve?


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Q: In a nutshell, why is Programmatic Advertising changing the way organisations look for the people they want to recruit?

A: For the very first time, your job ads can be programmed to search for relevant candidates, rather than relying on candidates searching and finding your ads. Consumer and B2B advertising underwent this revolution a decade ago, which is why 72% of global marketing spend is now invested in programmatic advertising. This is now being replicated in recruitment marketing – achieving extraordinary hiring results and totally changing the way organisations recruit.

Q: So is this the end of ‘hit or miss’ recruitment campaigns?

A: Totally. In essence, Programmatic Advertising is designed to do away with old-fashioned, hit or miss campaigns. It searches potential candidates based on their profile and their online behaviour, using artificial intelligence (AI) to determine what digital and social media (including FB) is the best place for your ads to run – based on where your audience are looking.

Q: Does that means we can reach the passive audience – as well as capturing candidates who perhaps aren’t engaged with our employer brand?

A: Yes. 100%. For the very first time, your ads will be seen by people who are not looking at the job boards or aggregators (as well as those who are) – and you now have an opportunity to put your compelling recruitment message in front of the candidates you really want to reach.

Q: What type of roles does it work for?

A: All types of roles, in any location. It’s a methodology that’s successful in engaging with an incredibly diverse range of skillsets – IT, Hospitality, Customer Care, Engineering, Social Services … we’re even running a campaign in Germany to recruit for a major new restaurant chain that’s about to launch in Frankfurt and Essen!

Q: How long does a programmatic campaign last – and what type of results can I expect?

A: One of the great features of programmatic is that the AI of our system actually ‘learns’ what online/social media sites are offering the best return – and continually monitors and refines the campaign, which continually improves its conversion efficiency as the campaign runs (with reports of 500%+ increase in conversions), maximising your PPC budget and attracting the ‘right’ passive and active candidates. So a ‘typical’ campaign lasts 4-6 weeks, with the comfort of knowing that you’re only paying for the clicks rather than posting a job on a job board and not really receiving any meaningful data.

Q: And how easy is to set up?

A: We take care of the set up for you. Our technology team place the pixels on your website and/or ATS (to measure the candidate journey and make sure that we’re maximising the applicant flow), or we’ll create a landing page if that’s an easier solution. It shouldn’t take more than a week to get everything ready for action – and candidate response.

Q: And what else can I expect from the service?

A: We also offer an enhanced service that allows you make data-driven decisions about your whole recruitment marketing strategy – by fully understanding the ROI of your job ads. We consolidate all of the data from your job advertising campaigns into one, easy-to-use dashboard, giving you up-to-the-minute information on:

  • Job-level performance reporting for all your ads.
  • Job ad views, applicants, conversion rates, cost-per-applicant and more (depending on your business requirements).
  • Results on which job ads perform best on which sources which means you can identify the sources that produce the highest candidate volume and quality for different job types.
  • Access to important recruitment funnel metrics such as cost-per-quality-applicant and cost-per-hire.

So we can work with you and your budget on any level – from setting up a one-off campaign right through to creating a fully optimised recruitment strategy.

Q: So what should I do next?

A: Just email us at and we’ll call you immediately for a confidential and no-obligation chat about the candidates you would like to reach and how we’ll be able to achieve that!