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Congratulations to the Winners of the 2016 First Choice Software In-house Recruitment Awards


We here at Recruitment Buzz would like to congratulate to the Winners of the 2016 First Choice Software In-house Recruitment Awards. For the full list of Winners and Finalists please visit here.

The winner demonstrated the most compelling entry with their use of a competition focusing on an apprenticeship campaign, yielding tangible results.

Recruitment Innovation
Partnered by: Candidate.ID

Winner: Jaguar Land Rover (supported by Pink Squid)

best-newcomerBest Newcomer
Partnered by: Foresight Forecast

Winner: Sovereign Housing Association

With a new Manager a modest sized new team, impressive results and an impressive turnaround story this winner was deemed to truly be the “Best Newcomer”

With a focus on cost-saving across the temp market and an emphasis on candidate satisfaction, this team have made significant reductions in a tough market, leading them to be a deserved winner.

Best Contract Recruitment Team
Partnered by: SOLA Group

Winner: The Essex Recruitment Team

Best Recruitment Advertising Campaign
Partnered by:

Winner: Anchor Trust (supported by Ality)

This worthy victor worked off a “shoestring budget” with great results. Using Social Media in an innovative, targeted manner whilst reducing costs per head.

A tough category with some brilliant stories and strong results. Ultimately the winner instilled a distinctive, effective method of recruitment delivery having also highlighted the significant improvements in delivery and strong evidence of engaging candidate experience

Best Graduate Recruitment Strategy
Partnered by: Milkround

Winner: Taylor Wessing (supported by Hodes UK)

Best On-boarding Strategy
Partnered by: Talent Advocate

Winner: Aviva (supported by CA3)

The introduction of a clearly defined, engaged, candidate-led platform has set this company as a stand-out winner in a tough category.

Showcasing the great feedback received from candidates with a clear focus on values, this company was deemed to truly set the bar high on Candidate Experience

Best Candidate Experience
Partnered by: CV Library

Winner: Grant Thornton

Best Employee Referral Strategy
Partnered by: Jobsite

Winner: KIMS Hospital

The winner of this category displayed a successful, sincere campaign with a strong business case and focus on Diversity and impact yielding an impressive 100% retention rate.

Always a tough category, the winner provided a ‘real’ insight into the company’s people and office environment appealing to their target market. It also showcase the fit into their strategy and measurement of success.

Best Recruitment Video
Partnered by: StemX

Winner: REPL Group

Best Use of Social Media
Partnered by: London Job Show

Winner: Anchor Trust (supported by Ality)

Traditionally a tough area to provide accurate results, the victor of this category was able to tap into their target audience effectively with a clear, well-planned strategy across various social platforms at a low cost per head with a clear measurement of success.

A strong entry from our winner who after going through a rebrand, understood the need to create a new employer brand from scratch. Utilising extensive research they were able to clearly detail and set-out their new Employer Brand to resonate with candidates through to employees effectively.

Best Employer Brand
Partnered by: The Guardian Jobs

Winner: Trustford (supported by CA3)

Best RPO
Partnered by: Tazio

Winner: Hudson RPO

Outsourcing for many companies is an essential part of their recruitment process. Our winner was able to provide clear and effective process and briefing guides whilst enlisting Hiring Managers’ help and most effectively a great pipeline of candidates.

In an increasingly online world, the winner has created a simple, personal and effective website that candidates are able to easily navigate on desktop or mobile. The integration of social and videos added to the overall feel of the company’s brand.

Best Career Website
Partnered by: Indeed

Winner: Abcam (supported by Hodes UK)

Best Use of Mobile
Partnered by:

Winner: Nando’s (supported by Pink Squid)

After a wealth of research the winner of this category understood the demands of their candidates and their own restrictions which resulted in the development of a simple, yet innovative and effective solution.

An extensive and strategic plan which has come to life this year has seen this winner identify many areas with a focus on social mobility and background of candidates. Demonstrative analysis and results that showed a real culture shift this year gone.

Best Diversity & Inclusion Strategy
Partnered by: APM


Winner: Enterprise Rent-A-Car (supported by Hodes UK)

Best In-house Recruiter (Individual Award)
Partnered by: Good Recruitment Campaign

Winner: Gemma Skelton, Sovereign Housing Association

A stand-out winner for this category where the Recruiter detailed some highly impressive metrics whilst working as a real partner to the business initiating various programmes. A well deserved winner!

Having undergone a somewhat complex restructure, this winner displayed key characteristics of what a Recruitment Manager should be and despite the challenges thrown was able to demonstrate their key skills in leadership & strategy. With glowing references from the business there was only one possible winner.

Best In-house Recruitment Manager (Individual award)
Partnered by: eArcu


Winner: Claire Whiteford, Nationwide Building Society

Best Technology Recruitment Team
Partnered by:

Winner: Schneider Electric

A significant shift in mentality has allowed this company to go from being an administrative function to real business partners with a significant reduction in agency use, increased productivity and international collaboration.

A tough category with some outstanding results in a tough market. This winner has been able to increase hires, reduce costs and also introduce new systems and processes which is a challenge unto itself!

Best Public Sector/ Not-for-profit Team
Partnered by: Hireserve

Winner: Mencap

Best Retail or Consumer Goods Team
Partnered by: Jupiter


Winner: Molson Coors (supported by Hudson RPO)

An impressive entry highlighting some standout achievements in tough times. The winner for this category has initiated a number of successful projects whilst maintaining their impressive metrics with a clear presence online. An undeniably worthy winner.

A clear front-runner for this category where the company was able to highlight the successes of their newly appointed recruitment team, focusing on the turnaround in their EMEA region. Showcasing impressive savings, reduced time to hire, improving candidate quality and working collaboratively with hiring managers are just some of the key achievements for this commendable winner.

Best International Recruitment Team
Partnered by: Social Talent

Winner: Thermo Fisher

Best Financial and Professional Services Team
Partnered by:


Winner: Ernst & Young (EY)

The winner of this category has a clear, genuine focus on people being the heart of the organisation. While having to recruit high volumes of candidates as efficiently as possible the team have developed and implemented a clearly defined and well thought out strategy that have enabled such impressive results.

An outstanding, personal entry where the Candidates really are at the heart of the recruitment process. The recruitment team have been able to function as a real business partner where management surveys, candidate response trackings, referral schemes and employer branding all contribute to their tangible results.

Best Recruitment Team (less than 1,000 staff)
Partnered by: Totaljobs

Winner: Baringa Partners

Best Recruitment Team (1,000+staff)
Partnered by: First Choice Software

Winner: Celesio UK

An incredibly tough category with a number of great recruitment teams. However, the winner of this category works in a notoriously tough industry yet still been able to produce some impressive deliverables, working as a real partner to the company as a whole. A worthy winner for this prestigious award.


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