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Winning the War for Talent by Delivering an Exemplary Candidate Experience


Skill shortages and skill mismatches are making it increasingly difficult for companies to attract good talent. Nurturing candidates with an interest in, or the potential to work for your organisation becomes more important. The recruitment process should not just be about one position, but about the ability to work at the company either now or at some stage in the future. Talent pooling promises to nurture today’s unsuccessful candidates into tomorrow’s successful hires.

The candidate experience has become a crucial element in this war for talent. Recruitment has not taken the full advantage of the advent of the Internet as other fields have, such as e-commerce. From the candidate’s perspective, if you’re able to shop and bank via your phone or tablet, you should also be able to search and apply for work through the same means. Companies should stop benchmarking their recruitment process against their peers and instead look for best practices in other fields.

Results from Textkernel’s survey results among employers in five European countries, presented in their White paper: European Perspective on Candidate Experience show that enabling candidates to apply using mobile devices results in shorter application times and lower drop-off rates. However, only 36% of organisations currently offer a mobile application process.