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Women in Engineering: Solving The Gender Imbalance


Presently there is a significant gender imbalance within the engineering sector, with women currently making up less than 10% of the workforce. Alarmingly we’re continuously bombarded with news reports regarding the expanding skills gaps within technical fields and the gender imbalance in the industry.

The demand for engineering professionals is continuing to rise yet the number of those going into engineering careers has stagnated. A male dominated industry, what can be done to demonstrate engineering as a gender neutral profession?

Stephanie Douglas, Manufacturing and Technology Consultant at Eden Scott, explains the opportunities available to women in the engineering.

What opportunities are there for women in engineering?

There are the same opportunities as there are for men, arguably even more at present with the current shortage of skilled professionals in the UK. Men currently occupy the majority of engineering roles, however this is due to a lack of females entering the industry over the past 10 to 15 years rather than opportunities being specifically closed off for women. Skilled candidates are highly sought after irrespective of gender.