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Work Related Stress Costs UK Economy Nearly £6.5bn Each Year


Workplace Stress Solutions launched to help companies manage stress levels amongst employees

An innovative new workplace stress management and employee wellbeing consultancy has been launched today which aims to help prevent and manage stress in the workplace as the astounding cost of stress to the economy totalled almost £6.5bn last year.

Workplace Stress Solutions is a progressive, stress management training and employee wellbeing consultancy providing bespoke Stress Management Training and Development services throughout Scotland, the UK and beyond. Their approach is targeted toward stress prevention alongside the promotion of positive leadership competencies and employee resilience strategies.

Last year there were 10.4million days lost to stress[1], with the average cost of ‘sick’ days being £618 per day [2] meaning workplace stress cost the UK economy a total of £6,427,200,000 in 2012. Presenteeism is also on the rise, with employees coming to work disengaged, tired, unmotivated and too stressed to work which is also costing employers.

Natasha Shearer, founder of Workplace Stress Solutions said: “These figures show how important an issue work related stress is in the UK and one that needs to be addressed quickly.

“Many organisations continue to face tougher legislative and economic challenges and our aim at Workplace Stress Solutions is to equip these organisations and their employees with the tools and interventions to enable them to prevent and reduce workplace stress, to boost employee engagement, to support management and leadership development and to enable employers to promote a culture of wellbeing.”

“There is still a stigma attached to mental health issues and with stress in the workplace becoming a more prevalent issue, it is crucial that employers and employees are aware of the measures they can take to reduce this.”

Workplace Stress Solutions offer a tailored approach to public, private and third sector organisations through their range of stress management and resilience training and leadership development programmes.

Workplace Stress Solutions offers a free first consultation for businesses. For more information about Workplace Stress Solutions please visit:

[1] HSE figure for 2011/2012
[2] XpertHR, July 2012